online workshops

Online Workshops


Strade is a workshop that explores personal growth. It is our first online workshop that embodies the essence of our project: using photography to retrace one's personal story.

Methods used

Through stimulating questions that activate personal reflection and awareness processes, you will be invited to explore your own story. We will guide you to look for answers among your photos which, accompanied by captions, will give rise to a personalized album in content and form.

Strade is not a workshop to learn how to take photographs, but rather it is dedicated to selecting and retouching photographs you already have. During the meetings you will be introduced to the use of open source tools to rework your photographs.

All classes will be held on the platform Google Meet

Who can participate

The workshop is open to everyone regardless of creative skill or technical knowledge of photography.In this workshop there are no good or bad photos, only photos that tell a story.


First meeting: Start. Presentation and introduction to the workshop, goals and tools.

Second meeting: Run to go where? How to select, scan and retouch photos: choose how to express yourself.

Third meeting: My album, which style? Create an album based on your selected photos.

Fourth meeting: What my photos say. Presentation of your work and review of your story.


The cost of this workshop is 80.00 Euro.