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Dr. Alessandra Rosabianca

Dr. Rosabianca graduated in psychology and specializes in transactional analytic-oriented psychotherapy, developing an interest in ethnopsychology. After graduation, she worked in emergency psychology and psychotraumatology, training in the use of "narrative exposure therapy" (NET), a technique used in processing psychic trauma. For years she has been working in community services and in situations of social marginalization. She has conducted research and interventions for the promotion of health and well-being. She is a firm supporter of self-realization and individual personal growth. She practices clinical services with minors and adults.

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Simone Luca Pierotti

Simone Pierotti graduated in anthropology and studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York. Later he began his work as a documentary photographer, working for the Italian and foreign press (Newsweek, Repubblica, Welt, L’Espresso). From 2008 to 2017 he taught photography in several American universities in Florence. After teaching, Simone began to specialize in participatory photography courses with projects for asylum seekers in collaboration with Caritas. Since 2018 he has collaborated with Addiction Services at the Florence Health Authority, coordinating Photovoice laboratories for drug addiction and psychiatric patients. His portfolio is can be found at www.simonepierotti.com