Articles and Interviews

Articles and Interviews

Our workshops, integrating photography and psychology, are based on an analysis of the existing literature and continuous scientific and personal research. We combine our professional experience with a solid theoretical basis to offer courses aimed at empowerment, personal growth and self-realization. Everything is infused with our creativity and a lot of curiosity, all essential ingredients. In addition to creating photography workshops and online courses, we have decided to dedicate a space to in-depth studies, articles and interviews. We want to share the various experiences of people from different sectors who are narrators of their own story, experiences and points of view, offering us a photographic and psychological self-portrait of themselves.

Takoua Ben Mohamed arrived in Italy at the age of eight to reunite with her father, a political refugee who escaped the dictatorship of Ben Ali. With a natural talent for drawing and a keen sensitivity to social and political issues, Takoua created the online project Comic Intercultura at the young age of 14.

Mohamed Keita is a 26-year-old Ivorian photographer. In 2010 he arrived as a political refugee in Rome where he still lives. His encounter with photography represents a turning point, soon becoming a profession. Mohamed shares his passion for photography with others using art as an urban research tool and as a means of social transformation.

During lockdown we carried out an experiment: we asked you to send us photographs that portray your days. Grouping and publishing all the images on our Instagram profile, we then created a group narrative, which allowed us to break down those spatial limits that we were asked to respect. Dr. Alessandra Rosabianca sums up this initiative.


We interviewed the photographer of one of the first images that catapulted us into the Covid-19 reality. Dr. Francesca Mangiatordi photographed a glimpse of everyday life during her shifts at the hospital. This is her personal account of what the first weeks of the pandemic were like for her.

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